Inverleigh Pays Homage to Sport’s Greatest Mavericks

By January 21, 2019Announcement

Inverleigh is excited to announce the launch of Homage, our latest timeless series that celebrates the greatest sporting characters of our time.

Homage recognises sport’s unique unconventionals; the mavericks, the volatile, larger than life characters, as well as the extraordinary rivalries; the true adversaries, those whose battles hold significance in the annals of sporting history.

From heavyweight boxing’s greatest showmen like Muhammad Ali and Tyson Fury, to football’s fiercest derbies such as El Clasico and the Derby della Capitale, Homage will be available from February 2019.

Homage is a must-watch for the true sporting die-hards, but also serves up history-rich entertainment for the casual sports audience,” said Inverleigh Director Matt Whytcross. “We know that audiences will be just as excited for this series as we are.” 

Homage is an original series that captures the essence of those who shaped the game and changed the status quo, those who brought colour and passion into the lives of so many.

The series is available as 40 x half-hour episodes, and as a package of 120 x short form videos, to suit a variety of broadcasting needs.

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