Inverleigh Launch All-new National Icons Series

By January 8, 2019Announcement

A huge hit with international audiences, Inverleigh has announced the launch of a brand new series of the proven ratings winner, National Icons.

The fantasy based docu-series compares the careers of football’s greatest legends against those of current champions, including Maradona vs Messi, Neymar vs Pele, Zidane vs Mbappe. 

The timeless series illustrates a battle of supremacy, answering the timeworn question of ‘who is the best?’

Perfect for prime-time scheduling, the all-new series comprises 30 x half-hour episodes of National Icons which commences delivery November 2018.

“The original National Icons has been a great success for our broadcast partners over a number of years, given the contentious outcomes that serve to engage audiences.  The timelessness provides endless scheduling options and flexibility for broadcasters.” said Inverleigh Director Matt Whytcross.

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