Inverleigh Helps Snibble Cater to Gen Z Demand

By April 30, 2020News, Partnerships

Snibble, the world’s first premium social video platform for Gen Z, designed by Gen Z has announced a content licensing agreement with Inverleigh that will expand Snibble’s sports content category adding a range of soccer, F1, eSports and combat-related content to the platform’s existing line-up of football, basketball and hockey videos.

The new deal includes short-form content from eight of Inverleigh’s sports properties including Life’s A Pitch, Arena eSports, Total Combat and Sports Confidential. Videos provide behind the scenes footage, insight into individual athletes, comedy bloopers and historical retrospectives all tailored in length for the sub-10 minute mobile viewing experience.

“Gen Z has always wanted a much broader range of sports content than just game highlights,” said Neale Halliday, Snibble’s Chief Customer Officer, “Sports is at the heart of many social media conversations and the current live sports lockdown is fueling even more demand for non-traditional sports content that is sharable and talk-worthy.”

Research by Imagen found that Gen Z and Millennials consume about four times more non-game sports content than traditional Boomer sports fans.

“This research highlights the way sports content is changing and hints at the reason why so many American under 25’s are turning away from traditional game-focused coverage,” said Andrew Shortt, Snibble Founder and Chief Product Officer. “Gen Z expects a constant feedline of content that makes their leagues, teams and heroes more relatable. They want this content now, they want it short and they want it shareable. That’s exactly why we built Snibble to be a social video platform.”

The deal gives Snibble full North American rights to the following Inverleigh properties: Life’s a Pitch; The Football Review; The Inside Line; Total Combat; Sports Confidential; FIBA World Basketball; Arena eSports; Play of The Day.

Commenting on the deal, Snibble CEO Blair Currie said, “We really liked the Inverleigh properties because they add more coverage of the sports our Gen Z audience is interested in, like soccer, esport, F1 and combat. And the non-game-play nature of the content dovetails perfectly with Snibble’s sports category offering”

Snibble is where viewers can watch, share and comment on short-form professionally produced videos from top global producers of content that matters to them – entertainment, news, music, sports and gaming.

To match the way Gen Z consume mobile content, a typical Snibble video is less than three minutes and can be shared instantly by a tap of the thumb. Users can message one another with opinions and reactions or take advantage of Snibble’s unique Real Time-Sharing function that enables simultaneous viewing by up to 5 friends.

“With most social media platforms, the user is treated like a product. Everything they do leaves a digital footprint which is then sold to better exploit and monetize their interests,” said Currie. “Snibble isn’t sharing users’ data because we’re not a direct response medium. Our customers are brand advertisers who want to target broad groups with a public signal about their brands – one that everybody sees and understands.”

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