Inverleigh Upgrade to Media Room

By March 8, 2018Partnerships

Inverleigh Media have partnered with world leaders in media technology innovation, Silver Trak Digital, opting for their Media Room asset management solution to form the backbone of Inverleigh’s content delivery system.

“Inverleigh’s clients are looking for more efficient and flexible content delivery solutions,” said Inverleigh Chief Executive, Peter Wraith. “Clients want workflows to be simple, robust and convenient. By using Media Room we can integrate a far more coherent workflow for delivering master program files to clients worldwide.”

Inverleigh have gone with Silver Trak based on their ability to truly understand the requirements of the core business, the content management and delivery market, and the tech company’s willingness to further develop their Media Room functionality to accommodate Inverleigh’s key needs. Silver Trak have tailored the product’s backend to facilitate Inverleigh client needs. Importantly, Media Room provides Inverleigh with a one-stop shop for the automation of media formats, content management, quick file conversions and delivery.

Silver Trak COO Christian Christiansen said, “Currently Inverleigh use Media Room as part of a hybrid delivery system. This means they can use traditional satellite-based solutions or use Media Room to manage and deliver content in a 100% file-based manner via Aspera and S3 Push, thereby satisfying all of their clients’ requirements. Media Room has been designed to be totally customisable and can be used on an ad-hoc basis. What we are now implementing is a 100% automated and rule-based workflow which means each uploaded file’s attributes will be automatically sent to the end user via the delivery method of their choice. All of this with one simple click of a mouse.”

The partnership ensures a new benchmark in client servicing for the hundreds of broadcasters airing thousands of hours of Inverleigh content around the globe.

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